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Funeral For A Friend

Final Hours At Hammersmith Transparent Blue Double Vinyl

Double LP £28.00

Release Date: 29/11/2019

Discs: 2

This is the stunning live album by the revered Welsh rock band, Funeral for a Friend.  As one of Britain’s finest musical exports, the band’s final show of the Hours tour was recorded live at Hammersmith Palais on 4th June 2006.  After the venues demolition in 2012, this performance is widely regarded as one of the best live shows to have taken place inside the walls. 

The studio album received critical acclaim across the board with NME saying ‘All Hail the Kings of Extremo’ and Metal Temple saying that it was ‘One of the best releases… in a long time’.  The live performance only adds to the brilliance of the studio album with the band reacting to the hyper energy of the crowd and creating a memorable performance, which now after being pressed onto a unique, transparent blue vinyl 2LP is truly unforgettable.

LP 1

Side One

1. This Year's Most Open Heartbreak
2. Roses For The Dead
3. Juneau
4. End Of Nothing

Side Two

1. Bullet Theory
2. Recovery
3. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations
4. Red Is The New Black

LP 2

Side One

1. Rookie Of The Year
2. All The Rage
3. History
4. She Drove Me To Daytime Television

Side Two

1. The Art Of American Football
2. Streetcar
3. Escape Artists Never Die