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Billy Talent

Billy Talent Transparent Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £20.00

Release Date: 22/11/2019

Discs: 1

The Canadian rock/punk band Billy Talent existed for almost a decade (under the name Pezz) before they reached mainstream success by releasing their self-titled debut album. The album was nominated for Best Rock Album at 2004 Juno Awards. This pretty angry record was a very unique album during the time of release. Each song brings some new styles to their catchy and powerful sound. It’s their post-punk revival in a new poppy jacket.

Billy Talent is available as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on transparent vinyl and the package includes an insert.


1. This Is How It Goes
2. Living In The Shadows
3. Try Honesty
4. Line & Sinker
5. Lies
6. The Ex


1. River Below
2. Standing In The Rain
3. Cut The Curtains
4. Prisoners Of Today
5. Nothing To Lose
6. Voices Of Violence