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Stiff Little Fingers

Inflammable Material Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £16.00

Release Date: 11/10/2019

Discs: 1

Stiff Little Fingers are proud to release Inflammable Material. Originally released in 1979, this seminal record, printed on black vinyl, explores themes of teenage boredom and sectarian violence with an underlying insight into Northern Irish life during the peak of the tensions.

Their punk rock aesthetic is authentic, with raw lyricism and harsh instrumentation. Containing the anthemic track ‘Alternative Ulster’, Stiff Little Fingers promote the ‘grab it and change it’ narrative.

Side One

1. Suspect Device
2. State of Emergency
3. Here We Are
4. Wasted Life
5. No More of That
6. Barbed Wire
7. White Noise
8. Breakout

Side Two

1. Law and Order
2. Rough Trade
3. Johnny Was
4. Alternative Ulster
5. Closed Groove