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Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland Boxset

Boxset £75.00

Release Date: 07/06/2019

Discs: 4

It was during 2010 that iconic Canadian prog Rock band Rush , took time away from recording a new album to embark upon their Time Machine Tour. During that tour, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s recorded their April 15, 2011 performance in Cleveland. It was a fitting tribute to the city, which was the first to play Rush’s music on the radio. That epic concert was released on CD in 2011, but the full show has never come out on vinyl, until now. TIME MACHINE 2011: LIVE IN CLEVELAND will be available as a four-LP set.

The Time Machine Tour was a fan favourite thanks in part to the tour’s incredible set list, which encompassed songs from the group’s entire career. Another reason is that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart did something during these shows that they’d never done before, which was to play their quadruple-platinum album Moving Pictures (1981) in its entirety. CLEVELAND covers a lot of musical ground over 26 tracks. Rush’s early days are represented by songs like “Working Man” from the trio’s 1974 self-titled debut. The title will be available on 4 heavy- weight 180g vinyl discs


1. The Spirit of Radio
2. Time Stand Still
3. Presto
4. Stick It Out
5. Workin' Them Angels
6. Leave That Thing Alone
7. Faithless
8. BU2B


1. Freewill
2. Marathon
3. Subdivisions
4. Tom Sawyer
5. Red Barchetta
6. YYZ
7. Limelight


1. The Camera Eye
2. Witch Hunt
3. Vital Signs
4. Caravan
5. Moto Perpetuo (featuring Love For Sale)


1. O'Malley's Break Lifeson
2. Closer to the Heart
3. 2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx
4. Far Cry
5. La Villa Strangiato
6. Working Man