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Various Artists

The Cable Guy Coloured Double Vinyl

Double LP £49.99 £34.99

Release Date: 13/04/2019

Discs: 1

Pressed on 'Colored TV' splatter vinyl

Over 20 years after it's initial release, The Cable Guy soundtrack is coming to vinyl for the very first time.

Features a who's who of 90s artists including Silverchair, Cypress Hill, Porno for Pyros, Filter, Toadies. 

1. “I'll Juice You Up…” Dialog spoken by Jim Carrey
2. Leave Me Alone - Jerry Cantrell
3. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand - Primitive Radio Gods
4. Blind - silverchair
5. Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - $10,000 Gold Chain
6. End of the World Is Coming - David Hilder
7. Satellite of Love - Porno For Pyros
8. Get Outta My Head - Cracker
9. Somebody to Love - Jim Carrey
10. The Last Assassin - Cypress Hill
11. This Is - ruby
12. Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
13. Unattractive - Toadies
14. Download - Expanding Man
15. This Concludes Our Broadcast Day - John Ottman