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Double Dose Of Danger Vinyl + Comic Book

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Release Date: 13/04/2019

Discs: 1

Never Before Available. 3000 only worldwide. Hip Hop supergroup Czarface will be releasing their collaborative effort with Wu-Tang Clan' s Ghostface Killah on February 15th in the form of "Czarface Meets Ghostface." For Record Store Day the group' s Silver Age imprint (yes, that' s a nod to the Silver Age of comics) will make available another must have pairing - a special 12" vinyl release with an all new Czarface comic. The 12" will feature instrumentals, remixes and performances not found on "Czarface Meets Ghostface" designed for listening while enjoying the oversized full color Czarface comic built right into the 12" jacket (like Power Records releases from the 70s). "Double Dose Of Danger" will actually feature TWO NEW Czarface adventures "To Poach the Poacher" written by Esoteric, illustrated by Dan McDaid (Superman, Firefly, Judge Dredd) AND "Chrome Doubt" written by Esoteric, illustrated by Benjamin Marra (Grammy nominated, Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T.) with a stunning cover by Czarface' s OG artist Lamour Supreme. Join us for "Double Dose Of Danger", the 4th installment in the Czarface Meets Record Store Day comic experience.