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Demos 1973-75: Castelo (Version 1) / Juntos Mais Uma Vez 7-Inch Vinyl

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Release Date: 13/04/2019

Discs: 1

Two previously unreleased and unheard demo recordings from Azymuth' s formative years. Mastered from the original tapes for an exclusive RSD 7" on the label' s 25th anniversairy year. Recorded between 1973-75 at the late great keyboard maestro José Roberto Bertrami' s home studio in Rio, the tracks are a mesmerising document of the futuristic sound Bertrami, Ivan Conti (drums), Alex Malheiros (bass) and Ariovaldo Contesini (percussion) were developing before going on to release their cult favourite, self-titled debut with Som Livre. With a huge opening 8-bar drum break, and Bertrami' s keyboard set up including Arp Solina Strings, Fender Rhodes 88, and a Clavinet with Wah Wah, ' Castelo (Version 1)' captures Azymuth' s alien space-funk sound in its rawest, most progressive form.' Juntos Mais Uma Vez' on the B side is an enormous instrumental soul ballad, which ebbs and flows with heart-wrenching Hammond organ melodies punctuated by the low-slung, deep groove of Brazil' s most beloved rhythm section. Following this special limited edition 7" for Record Store Day will be a two volume LP release comprising a comprehensive archive of some of the samba-jazz-funk mavericks' wildest, unreleased early music. The best care has been taken in restoring and mastering these recordings from the original cassette tapes, given to Far Out founder Joe Davis by Bertrami at Azymuth' s first studio sessions for the label back in 1995.