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William The Conqueror

Bleeding On The Soundtrack White Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £20.00

Release Date: 15/02/2019

Discs: 1

Bleeding On the Soundtrack is the second in a trilogy of semi-autobiographical albums written by Ruarri Joseph: centred around childhood, fatherhood and motherhood. The trilogy opened with the band's debut album, 2017’s Proud Disturber of the Peace and continues with Bleeding On the Soundtrack. The record addresses the confusion of hero worship, adolescence, addiction, divorce, upheavel. The time when life shadows and turns, when, as Ruarri puts it “you’re forever at a new crossroad, constantly trying to figure out which way you should go.” It carries hope, humour, sorrow, honesty. It has an extraordinary musical diversity that somehow spans roots, folk and grunge, with production by Ethan Johns and the superb musicianship of the band, Harry Harding (drums) and Naomi Holmes (bass). It is Joseph’s finest collection of songs to date, brought to life with the closest of friends.


1. Path Of The Crow
2. Thank Me Later
3. Madness On The Line
4. The Burden
5. Bleeding On The Soundtrack


1. Looking For The Cure
2. The Curse Of Friends
3. Be So Kind
4. Sensitive Side
5. Within Your Name