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Aphrodite's Child

666 - Double Red Vinyl

Double LP £25.00

Release Date: 04/01/2019

Discs: 2

Aphrodite’s Child last album 666 is a masterpiece and their most critically acclaimed album. It took more than a year to finish, and by the time it was released, in 1972, the band had already split up. The psychedelic atmosphere of their early work in combination with their search through new music territories are done well.This true classic became recognised as one of the most important efforts in early progressive rock.The three band  members  showing  their  variety  and  the  little  twists  they  putted in  the  songs.Greek  influences  playing  an  important  role  in  the  long jams and greater use of electronic keyboards, studio experimentation and expanded instrumentation.666 is an odyssey through the realms of progressive music and one where all their talents ultimately blended together.

1. The System
2. Babylon
3. Loud, Loud, Loud
4. The Four Horsemen
5. The Lamb
6. The Seventh Seal

1. Aegian Sea
2. Seven Bowls
3. The Wakening Beast
4. Lament
5. The Marching Beast
6. The Battle Of The Locusts
7. Do It
8. Tribulation
9. The Beast
10. Ofis

1. Seven Trumpets
2. Altamont
3. The Wedding Of The Lamb
4. The Capture Of The Beast
5. .. with Irene Papas
6. Hic Et Nunc

1. All The Seats Were Occupied
2. Break