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Kate Bush

Remastered: Vinyl Set 1 Boxset

Boxset £85.00

Release Date: 16/11/2018

Discs: 4

This is the first (and definitive) programme of remastering and includes the release of many rarities and cover versions on vinyl and CD for the first time.

The albums, many of which have been unavailable on vinyl for a decade, have been remastered by Kate and James Guthrie. Kate’s 10 studio albums are spread over 3 vinyl boxes, whilst the 4th box contains many rarities previously unavailable on vinyl, including a whole disc of cover versions. The total number of vinyl discs is 18.

Disc 1 - The Kick Inside
Disc 2 - Lionheart
Disc 3 - Never For Ever
Disc 4 - The Dreaming