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Simply Red

2003-2007 Vinyl Boxset

Boxset £55.00

Release Date: 02/11/2018

Discs: 4

This 4 LP box set comprises the three studio albums released 2003 – 2007 – ‘Home’, ‘Simplified’, and Stay – plus an exclusive collection of the best remixes of the hit singles from those albums.

This is the first ever release on vinyl format for these albums. The four LPs in this set are pressed on heavyweight 180grm translucent red vinyl, and housed in a rigid slipcase.

The album ‘Home’ gave Simply Red three hit singles – ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’ (#7), ‘Sunrise’ (#7), and ‘Fake’ (#21).

The next album ‘Simplified’ saw Simply Red revisit many of the classic hits in a stripped-down form, and included the new hit single ‘Perfect Love’.

‘Stay’ in 2007 was Simply Red’s 10th studio album and was announced as the final chapter. (Hucknell did however eventually revive Simply Red once more, for the album ‘Big Love’ in 2015).

A feature of this period of Simply Red’s career was the number of exciting remixes released on single formats, 12” and CDs. The fourth LP in this set features the very best remixes, carefully selected and compiled, and approved by Simply Red.


1. Home
2. Fake
3. Sunrise
4. You Make Me Feel Brand New
5. Home Loan Blues
6. Positively 4th Street
7. Lost Weekend
8. Money In My Pocket (Plan B Mix)
9. Something For You
10. It's You
11. Home (Reprise)


1. Perfect Love
2. Something Got Me Started
3. Holding Back The Years
4. More
5. A Song For You
6. Your Mirror
7. Fairground
8. My Perfect Love
9. Smile
10. Sad Old Red
11. For Your Babies
12. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye


1. The World And You Tonight
2. So Not Over You
3. Stay
4. They Don't Know
5. Oh! What A Girl!
6. Good Times Have Done Me Wrong
7. Debris
8. Lady
9. Money TV
10. The Death Of The Cool
11. Little Englander

REMIXES 2003-2007

1. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Antillas Full Vocal Edit)
2. Home (Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Mix)
3. Sunrise (Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Edit/Mix)
4. Fake (Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix)
5. Perfect Love (Lazy Radio Mix)
6. Oh! What A Girl! (Sweet Connection Club Mix)
7. Stay (7th Heaven Radio Edit)
8. So Not Over You (Motivo Pop-Lectro Remix)
9. Go Now (Trance Vocal)