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Patrick Doyle

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire OST Double Picture Disc Vinyl

Double LP £40.00

Release Date: 12/10/2018

Discs: 2

The Harry Potter film series is one of the most successful cinematic franchises of all time and it continues to inspire a passionate and growing following around the world. One key that helped bring author J.K. Rowling’s books to life on the big screen was the evocative music created for the films by great composers like John Williams, Patrick Doyle and Nicholas Hooper.

Critically acclaimed film composer Patrick Doyle makes his debut Harry Potter Soundtrack with Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire, which sees many of its tracks such as “The Death of Cedric” delve into key character development themes which are integral to the film’s plot and the young Harry, Ron and Hermione’s ‘Coming of age’. The Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is contained in a gatefold sleeve that is die-cut on both sides whilst the picture disk contains stills from the film.


1. The Story Continues
2. Frank Dies
3. The Quidditch World Cup
4. The Dark Mark
5. Foreign Visitors Arrive
6. The Goblet Of Fire
7. Rita Skeeter
8. Sirius Fire


1. Golden Egg
2. Neville's Waltz
3. Harry In Winter
4. Potter Waltz
5. Underwater Secrets
6. The Black Lake
7. Hogwart's March


1. The Maze
2. Voldemort
3. Death Of Cedric
4. Another Year Ends
5. Hogwarts' Hymn


Jason Buckle, Steve Claydon, Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, Steve Mackey and Phil Selway:

1. Do The Hippogriff
2. This Is The Night
3. Magic Works