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Soft Cell

2018 Club Remixes EP (HiFi Sean/Jon Pleased Wimmin Remixes Picture Disc)

12 Inch £16.00

Release Date: 09/11/2018

Discs: 1

To celebrate 40 years since their formation in Leeds in 1978, Soft Cell, aka Marc Almond and Dave Ball, release some brand-new remixes this summer on their own Big Frock imprint.

Soft Cell have been synonymous with the club scene since their debut single release Memorabilia in 1981, (produced by Mute Records’ Daniel Miller) which is widely cited by many dance music luminaries as the first ever acid house record. The band cut their teeth and built their notoriety in clubs across the world, from Leeds Warehouse right across the Atlantic to New York’s legendary Danceteria. Second single Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go went on to become one of the biggest club (and chart) hits of all time, reaching Number 1 in 17 countries later in 1981. The first true electronic UK duo, the band have sold over 30 million records throughout their career and have been covered or sampled by artists as diverse as Rihanna, Nine Inch Nails, a-Ha and Marilyn Manson, and well as influencing many others. The EP features remixes chosen by two internationally-renowned UK DJs, both massive fans of Soft Cell. Hifi Sean has remixed Insecure Me, B side to 1982 single Torch, as well as So, flip side to the single What. Jon Pleased Wimmin has remixed one of Soft Cell’s earliest compositions, A Man Could Get Lost.

While intended as a club tool for DJs, Soft Cell are making available a strictly limited number of the 12” picture disc EP, for their fans, on a first come, first served basis. These mixes will not be released on any other format, and do not feature on the upcoming Keychains & Snowstorms: The Soft Cell Story box set.

A1. So (Hifi Sean Baltimore Basement Dub)
A2. A Man Could Get Lost (Jon Pleased Wimmin Mix)
AA1. Insecure…Me? (Hifi Sean Mix)
AA2. Insecure…Me? (Hifi Sean 'Ecstasy' Dub)