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Various Artists

Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style 1963 Vinyl

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Release Date: 28/04/2018

Discs: 1

Here's a selection of cracking instrumentals from 1963, none of which ever got so much as a sniff at the charts. It's mostly guitar-led rockers with fiery picking from Roy Buchanan and Jimmy Spruill and some early fuzzbox action from Lou Josie of the Ho-Dads. Up in New York, King Curtis is blowing out on the Rinkydinks (later adopted as the Soul Train theme).

A1. Jimmy McCracklin - Trottin'
A2. James Booker - Big Nick
A3. The Ho-Dads - Honky
A4. The Mixtures - Chinese Checkers
A5. Bob Moore And The Temps - Braggin'
A6. Johnny Otis - The Hash
A7. Sam Kimble - Ba Dada
A8.Little Milton - Meddlin'
B1.The Mighty Trojans - Just About Daybreak
B2. The Exotics - Ginger Snap
B3. The Rinkydinks - Hot Potato
B4. South St. Six- Back Slap
B5. Long John Hunter - The Scratch
B6. Wild Jimmy Spruill - Cut And Dried
B7. Billy & The King Bees - Susie Q
B8. The Nu-Trons - Tension