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Television Personalities

Closer To God Marbled Double Vinyl

Double Heavyweight LP £35.99

Release Date: 28/04/2018

Discs: 2

'Closer To God', as with all TVP albums, is mightily personal. Dan Treacy provides the antidote to the opening of the ill-fated Disneyland Paris and the first McDonald's in China - it's a white knuckle ride through his innermost hopes and fears with off stage giggling, half heard dialogue and feedback that sounds like an opera is expiring in an adjoining L-shaped room. 'Closer To God' is a spiritual rollercoaster that sounds as poignant and pressing as ever. Remastered double LP on limited edition on marbled black and white vinyl. 1500 copies.

A1. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
A2. Hard Luck Story Number 39
A3. Little Works Of Art
A4. Razorblades & Lemonade
A5. Coming Home Soon
B1. Me And My Big Ideas
B2. Honey For The Bears
B3. I See Myself In You
B4. Goodnight Mr. Spaceman
B5. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
C1. We Will Be Your Gurus
C2. You Are Special And You Always Will Be
C3. Not For The Likes Of Us
C4. You're Younger Than You Know
C5. Very Dark Today
D1. I Hope You Have A Nice Day
D2. This Heart's Not Made Of Stone
D3. Baby, You're Only As Good As You Should Be
D4. Closer To God