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The Cars

Shake It Up (Expanded Edition) Double Coloured Vinyl

Double LP £30.00

Release Date: 30/03/2018

Discs: 2

2018 sees The Cars be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, honouring the legendary band’s incredible musical legacy and enormous commercial success.

This release features the original album with audio remastered in 2016, expanded with rare and unreleased bonus tracks.

Ric Ocasek, Elliot Easton, Greg Hawkes, Benjamin Orr and David Robinson recorded Shake It Up in 1981 at Syncro Sound, the group’s new studio in Boston, with producer Roy Thomas Baker. Working in their own space afforded them the time to perfect the sound of the album, which sold more than two million copies. It features the unforgettable singles Since You’re Gone, Think It Over and Shake It Up. Several unreleased tracks make their debut on Shake It Up: Expanded Edition, including an early version of Since You’re Gone, the demo for Shake It Up and an unreleased song called Midnight Dancer.

LP1 Side 1:

1. Since You're Gone
2. Shake It Up
3. I'm Not The One
4. Victim Of Love
5. Cruiser

LP1 Side 2:

6. A Dream Away
7. This Could Be Love
8. Think It Over
9. Maybe Baby

LP2 Side 1:

10. Since You're Gone – Early Version *

11. Shake It Up – Demo *
12. I'm Not The One – Remix
13. Cruiser – Early Version *

LP2 Side 2:

14. Take It On The Run – Early Version of “A Dream Away *
15. Coming Up You Again – 1981 Version of “Coming Up You” *
16. Little Black Egg”
17. Midnight Dancer *

*Previously unreleased