Buy Online Toby Fox - Undertale : Japan Edition Translucent Colour-In-Colour Double Vinyl

Toby Fox

Undertale : Japan Edition Translucent Colour-In-Colour Double Vinyl

Double LP £35.00

Release Date: 23/02/2018

Discs: 2

To celebrate its 2nd Anniversary - and its recent release in Japan (finally!) - iam8bit and Materia Collective are proud to present the UNDERTALE: Japan Edition vinyl soundtrack. Toby Fox’s original score accentuates the odyssey of UNDERTALE beautifully - a nostalgic, chip-riffed plummet down a 16-bit rabbit hole. Allusions to classic RPGs like Earthbound and Final Fantasy are certainly obvious, but the magic of UNDERTALE's music reverberates gloriously in all its retro references, deftly crafting an entirely unique emotional identity. Note that the music is not in Japanese and the track listing is consistent with our US release. With this exclusive Japan Edition, designer Drew Wise recalls sweet memories of the Super Famicom box for Mother 3, localized with love, down to the tiniest detail.


1. Once Upon A Time
2. Your Best Friend
3. Fallen Down (Reprise)
4. Ruins
5. Enemy Approaching
6. Determination
7. Home
8. Heartache
9. Sans.
10. Snowy
11. Snowdin Town
12. Bonetrousle
13. Premonition
14. Waterfall
15. Quiet Water
16. Memory
17. Dummy!
18. Temmie Village
19. Tem Shop
20. Spear Of Justice
21. Alphys
22. Metal Crusher


1. Another Medium
2. Spider Dance
3. Oh! One True Love
4. It'S Raining Somewhere
5. Else
6. Core
7. Death By Glamour
8. Undertale
9. Asgore
10. Your Best Nightmare
11. Finale
12. Here We Are
13. Amalgam
14. Hopes And Dreams
15. Save The World
16. His Theme
17. Respite
18. Last Goodbye
19. Battle Against A True
20. Hero
21. Megalovania