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Play: The B-Sides Double Red Vinyl

Double LP £25.00

Release Date: 09/02/2018

Discs: 2

Moby releases a super limited one off coloured vinyl pressing of ‘Play B-sides’, via his Litttle Idiot imprint’. First time this has ever been pressed on vinyl. Featuring tracks from Moby’s multimillion selling ‘Play’ era. ‘Play B-sides’ includes some lost treasures and some of Moby’s Best works, including the global hit Flower.

Pressing of 1000 copies only.

A1. Flower
A2. Sunday
A3. Memory Gospel
B1. Whispering Wind
B2. Summer
B3. Spirit
C1. Flying Foxes
C2. Sunspot
C3. Flying Over The Dateline
D1. Running
D2. The Sun Never Stops Setting