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Trembling Bells

Auld Triange 10-Inch Vinyl

10 Inch £16.00

Release Date: 29/04/2017

Discs: 1

Auld Triangle' is a cover of one of Trembling Bells' favourite songs featuring some of their favourite singers. It was first performed at a night the band curated at Celtic Connections Festival in 2016, with each of the singers taking a verse. These guest singers include Alasdair Roberts, Dan Haywood, Ricky Ross and Mike Heron. 'When You Have A Hammer (Everything's A Nail)' and 'Gift of Weeping' are the first releases by Alex's solo project. 'Gift of Weeping' features Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian and is inspired by the English medieval mystic, Marjory Kemp.