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Various Artists

Peace & Love: Classic 45's Boxset

Boxset £82.00

Release Date: 29/04/2017

Discs: 10

Record Store Day 2017 exclusive release.

The mid to late sixties was the era of the Peace & Love Generation, and 1967, fifty years ago was The Summer Of Love. Essentially a hippy movement in the USA the influence on the music of the era was huge across the world • The ten specially selected double AA side 7" singles in this box pull together twenty of the most iconic tracks of the Peace & Love generation. Fifty years later it is inevitably impossible to find mint copies of these great songs on vinyl.

Includes The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Procol Harum and The Move

Housed in hard slipcase, the ten 7" singles are 'dinked' as juke-box singles and the box includes a 'spider' centre for play.