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Various Artists

Greater Manchester Punk Volume 2 Vinyl

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Release Date: 29/04/2017

Discs: 1

More rare and previously unreleased punk / post punk gems from the cellars of Greater Manchester. This compilation delves into the archives and focuses on the lesser well known bands of the time and shows the various styles of punk recorded between 1978-82. Some were recorded in studios and some recorded on a portable four track. None of these bands reached the status of bands like The Buzzcocks, Joy Division and The Fall but were an integral part of the Manchester music scene of this period. Volume 1 was a BBC6 music compilation of the week. “It was a great time to be in a band in Manchester and something of that joy, as well as the obligatory angst and artiness, comes through here. Relive then those heady days-days infused with the DIY ethic and the allure of limitless possibilities”. Mark Radcliffe

A1. The Hoax - Now We Are Heroes
A2. Freudian Slip - Hideaway
A3. Slight Seconds - Chameleon Lens
A4. Vibrant Thigh - Wooden Gangsters
A5. The Enigma - I Don't Like
A6. The Filth - Hypocrite
A7. Untermensch - Ashfield Valley Headkick
B1. The Colours Out Of Time - I'm Never Cool In My Room
B2. Fast Cars Images of You
B3. The Change - No Hope
B4. Foreign Press - Behind The Glass
B5. The Reducers - We Are Normal
B6. Emergency - X-Ray Sight
B7. V2 - That's It