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Various Artists

Instrumentals Soul-Style Vinyl

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Release Date: 16/04/2016

Discs: 1

500 only LP pressing.

Club Sounds, a bit of funk, a Latin groove, a slow jazz walk, uptown dancers, late night smoochers. Plenty of organ. Plenty of soul. No twangy guitar. No swing jazz. No frantic honkin’ and screamin’. Just Instrumentals Soul-Style. The blues instrumental record stretches back to 1940s jazz, and with the introduction of funky, Latin bass lines in the 50s, things got a little more interesting. In 1956, Ernie Freeman reached top ten R&B with Jivin’ Around and Bill Doggett’s Honky Tonk went gold. Bill Justis kicked off the twangy guitar craze with Raunchy in 1957. But it was Doggett’s 1958 hit Hold It with Billy Butler’s slinky guitar figures that really laid the ground for the soul instrumental. 1960 saw top 10 R&B slots for James Booker’s Gonzo and Ray Bryant’s Little Susie. But if you’re looking for the record that defines the genre, take a pick between The Mar-keys Last Night, Phil Upchurch’s You Can't Sit Down (1961), James Brown’s Night Train and Booker T & the M G’s Green Onions (1962).

1. Wasted - Chuck Bernard & The Satellite Band
2. The Hawk - Freddy Robinson
3. Closer Walk - Jimmy Rivers Combo
4. How About It Pt 2 - Big Bo Thomas & The Arrows
5. Besame Mucho Part 1 - Johnny Hartsman and His Band
6. Baby Dumplins - Eddie & The De-Havelons
7. Miss Dolores - Leon Ferguson
8. LBs Place Pts 1 & 2 - The Gaytones
9. Domino - York Wilborn
10. Soul Pt. 1 - Al Browne's Band
11. Beat - The Nu-Trons
12. Skippin' - Harold Smith
13. Kinda Groovy - Ray Johnson
14. Soul - The Wrecking Crew
15. Hot Fudge - Bill Doggett
16. The Squash - Hank Marr