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Various Artists

West Coast Soul '65 Vinyl

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Release Date: 16/04/2016

Discs: 1

500 only LP pressing.

The Afro-American migration to the West Coast of the USA during World War II and in the immediate post war period came mainly from Louisiana and Texas, although other states lost thousands of residents to boom time cities like Los Angeles and Oakland as well. They were entertained by blues singers, doo wop groups and gospel quartets, many of whom recorded for the vast army of independent R & B labels which grew exponentially as the 1950s wore on. By the time soul music became the music of choice for the Afro-American public those surviving labels were joined by a new wave of companies dedicated to the new musical trend. This LP celebrates the days when blues was giving way to gospel based vocalists and harder dance rhythms were making waves. Tracks from the various strands and origins of soul music are on show here – obscurities and rarities as well as songs from singers who didn’t get famous in the 1960s but whose names reverberate around Europe’s dance venues today. The mix includes thumping Northern soul to the gentlest of ballads – and everything in between.

1. I Knew It Was Wrong - Alexander Patton
2. Walk On - Art Wheeler
3. Now She Wants To Leave - Big J. D. Wright
4. Love Brings Pain - Cookie Jackson
5. I'm So Glad - E Jackie Hines
6. Just Call On Me - Eddie Wilson
7. Can't Help But To Love You - Joe Phillips
8. You Still Need Me - Johnny Wesley & The Four Tees
9. Prove It - Lee Harvey
10. Steppin' Stone - Little Mary Staten
11. What A Love - The Outstanders
12. Baby - The Sevilles
13. It's A Possibility - Terry & Marsha
14. Taken For A Ride - The Uptones (Bobby St James) .