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Stephen Rennicks

Frank OST Vinyl

Heavyweight LP £18.00

Release Date: 04/03/2016

Discs: 1

The Frank OST LP made its debut on transparent green vinyl for Record Store Day 2015 and quickly sold out. 

The album comprises Stephen Rennicks’s song based soundtrack to Leonard Abrahamson's fantastical black comedy featuring Michael Fassbender as the masked leader of doomed avant-rock group, The Soronprfbs. 

The music press were quick to laud FRANK as one of their top soundtracks of 2014, with Mojo placing it at No.3 in their Top Ten for the year and Record Collector giving it 5*, while public fascination with its Beefheart-esque sound has ensured cult status.  The songs, sung mainly by Fassbender, veer from manic comedy to heart-breaking pathos and the vinyl release was specially recompiled to feature all the songs, most of the incidental music and an exclusive for vinyl version of “Frank’s Most Likeable Song…. Ever”.

Side A

1. I Love You All (Radio Mix)
2. Tuft (Credits)
3. Frank's Cacophony
4. Secure the Galactic Perimeter
5. Stop Sign
6. Lay an Egg
7. Again
8. Just Like ‘Paris Texas'
9. Frank's Most Likeable Song… Ever More

Side B

1. Frank's Dawn Chorus
2. Lighthouse Keeper
3. Welcome to Vetno
4. All Broken (Credits)
5. The Holidaymakers
6. I'm Just Me
8. Be Still (Don's Song)
9. Viking Funeral
11.The Music's Shit
12. Jon's Song Changed by Frank and Clara