Buy Online Blake Neely - Arrow Season One OST Fluorescent Green Double Vinyl

Blake Neely

Arrow Season One OST Fluorescent Green Double Vinyl

Double Heavyweight LP £25.00

Release Date: 27/11/2015

Discs: 2

Composer Blake Neely's soundtrack to the CW network's TV series based on the Green Arrow comic character will be making its vinyl debut this November.  The DC Comic character a.k.a.  billionaire playboy and socialite Oliver Queen, was renamed Arrow for the TV series in which he returns to his home after five years on a desert island to wage war on criminals and the corrupt in Starling City.

- 180g Green Fluorescent Vinyl
- Only 400 UK

Side A

1. Five Years
2. Returning Home / Scars
3. City In Ruin
4. Setting Up The Lair
5. Loss And Regrets
6. On The List
7. Vigilante Justice
8. Honor Thy Father
9. Inhospitable Island / Deathstroke

Side B

1. I Forgot Who I Was
2. Train And Hunt
3. Betrayed By Those You Love
4. Chasing The Hood
5. Damaged
6. The Dark Archer / It Is I Who Failed This City
7. Working Together But Alone

Side C

1. The Count
2. Friends In Arms
3. Trust But Verify
4. Join Us
5. Trusting A Friend, Saving An Enemy
6. Sins Of The Father
7. I Can't Lose You Twice
8. Search For Salvation

Side D

1. Shado Sees An Emerging Hero
2. Unfinished Business / Saving Walter
3. A Way Off The Island
4. Sacrifice
5. Oliver Queen Suite