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Art Brut

Top Of The Pops Deluxe CD Album (Signed)

Deluxe CD £12.00

Release Date: 29/04/2013

Discs: 2

Deluxe Signed CD.

Eddie Argos: 'CD1 contains the best and most popular songs from our career in chronological order. So you can see clearly that we have followed the CLASSIC ROCK blueprint exactly - Album One, Excited, Album Two, Confused, Album Three, Angry Album Four, Experimental Plus, TWO BRAND NEW TRACKS. They're about enjoying natural disasters and making pop music. Optimistic rebirth. This is textbook CLASSIC ROCK BAND stuff.

CD2 contains rare songs that Freddy Feedback rescued from our vaults including live songs, covers we finally got round to asking for permission to release, hard to acquire b-sides and unreleased demos from our recording sessions for 'Its A Bit Complicated' that took place with Pulp's Russel Senior (who is not mad, I promise). Over the last ten years, however, Art Brut have been tirelessly working towards the moment we could finally call ourselves a classic rock band and know in our heart of hearts that it was true. Our mission is finally complete.'

Disc 1

1. Formed A Band
2. My Little Brother
3. Emily Kane
4. Modern Art
5. Good Weekend
6. Direct Hit
7. Nag Nag Nag Nag
8. St.Pauli
9. Pump Up The Volume
10. DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake
11. Alcoholics Unanimous
12. Summer Job
13. Demons Out!
14. Axl Rose
15. Sexy Sometimes
16. Lost Weekend
17. Sealand
18. Arizona Bay
19. We Make Pop Music

Disc 2

1. Formed A Band (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)
2. Bad Weekend (Early Keith Top Of The Pops Version)
3. These Animal Menswear (B Side)
4. Modern Art (Early Keith Top Of The Pop Version)
5. Maternity Ward (B Side)
6. Blame It On The Trains (Produced by Russel Senior)
7. Post Soothing Out (Produced by Russel Senior)
8. St.Pauli (Produced by Russel Senior)
9. About Time (B Side)
10. Ignorance Is Bliss (B Side)
11. Catch (The Cure Cover)
12. Modern Art (Recorded For Berlin Live)
13. Just Desserts (Alt Version of B-Side to Alcoholics Unanimous)
14. Moved To L.A. (Art Brut vs Satan iTunes Bundle)
15. Weird Science (B-Side)
16. Positively 5th Street (B-side)
17. The Great Escape (We Are Scientists/Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)
18. Her Majesty (Beatles Cover By Black Francis)
19. Post Soothing Out (Recorded For Berlin Live)